What is Shenmo?

In this fast moving, data driven, information overloaded, technologically interconnected but emotionally apart world, the role of LEARNING is increasingly important.


  Up to 4 years old children learn and develop at a natural pace in a nurturing and loving  family environment. Then formal education starts…. And with that all the troubles for children and parents. Why? How can we help?

  1. Is your child struggling to read?
  2. Is it difficult for your child to understand what he/she reads?
  3. Do you feel that your child demotivated to study?
  4. Does your child not grasp math concepts?
  5. Do you want to learn how to train your child attention and focus?
  6. Is your child academically very talented, but school programs are not challenging enough for them to take his/her curiosity and talents to the next level?

Shenmo Europe recognizes these issues, problems in the global society, at homes, schools and children.


Shenmo Europe stands up for each and every child by providing loving support, nurturing his talents and learning naturally. We make learning a lifestyle by accompanying families,  assisting teachers and schools. Shenmo Europe is part of the global Shenmo team of high professionals in education, science, psychology and child development.    

What is Abacus Mental Math?

  Mental Mathematics is a system with which children are able to solve arithmetic problems of high complexity in their mind faster than a calculator. But the main achievement of using this technique is the acquisition of such important skills as photographic  memory, concentration of attention, self-confidence, sociability, logic and analytical thinking. This allows  to fully develop the abilities of the child.  

What do mental arithmetic classes give to your child?

Logical Thinking

Increased Operational Memory

Intuitive Intelligence

Concentration and Focus


Spatial Imagination

Additional Value to School

Curiosity and Enthusiasm to Math

Success in Tests and Exams

Abacus Attention Training 🧮

This course provides memory strengthening proven by centuries-old Mnemonic and the methods of loci, repetition and chunking, which are modified based on the level of the learner. We will guide learners through every step of the process, while always keeping the ultimate goal of Intuitive Intelligence in mind This course includes

Mental Memory Training 🧠

Learning about attention through the interactive concept of Abacus, which has served as a way to increase focus and master attention for centuries, stretching back to Ancient China

Intuitive Intelligence Training 🧘

Through special techniques in breathing, children meditation to touch the wisdom and inner intelligence; conscious learning and raising awareness in the process; create flow of learning our students take ownership of their education and find creative ways to solve problems, plan their dreams and realize their potentials.

Russian Language 🇷🇺

RUSSIAN is a largely used language and is the language of many great writers, such as Pushkin and Tolstoy. Russia, being the (geographically) largest country in the world, is also a place to enjoy theatre and ballet as it was developed in this country

English Language 🇬🇧

ENGLISH is a global language and is becoming increasingly becoming a necessity to be able to reach different people and spread our messages through the world. This course will be available to anyone and based on their interest and how devoted they are, they can enroll in the different classes found below

Chinese Language 🇨🇳

CHINESE is the language of tomorrow and is fast becoming an asset in the world of business and commerce, along with being spoken by people all around the world and by the largest population in the world

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